Fried Food Is Back On The Menu!
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Enjoy Your Favourite Fried Foods Without All The Guilt!
Introducing The One-Touch Kitchen Miracle That Fries With Air Instead Of Oil!
Try The Amazing New Cooklite™ Aero Fryer For a full 30 Days!
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The Same Crispy, Delicious Taste
- Up To 70% Less Calories!*
  • Less Oil, Grease & Saturated Fat
  • No Need To Thaw Or Pre-Heat
  • Roasts, Broils, BBQs & Air Fries 
  • Fast, Healthy, & Easy-To-Use!
  • Self-Cleaning & Dishwasher-Safe
Deep-Fried Taste With Little or No Oil? It’s Possible!
How It Works

You love the flavor of fried foods, but traditional deep fryers add grease & fat to your diet, putting you at greater risk for obesity, heart disease, & diabetes. AeroFryer’s Triple Cooking Technology uses superheated air to cook your food instead, so you can enjoy your favourite fried dishes without the extra fat!  

Convection Cooking circulates & evenly distributes heat
Infrared Light
cooks from the inside out, sealing in food’s natural juices
Halogen Heat
adds the finishing touch, heating food’s surface to a golden brown

Roast, Broil, BBQ, Grill, Air Fry and More!
Get Crispy On The Outside, Juicy On The Inside, All With Less Than Half The Calories!*
  • Juicy Steak
  • Moist & Tasty Chicken
  • Crispy French Fries
  • Guilt-Free Onion Rings
  • Cheesy Mozzarella Sticks
  • Flaky Air-Fried Fish
  • Savory Wings
  • And Much More!
Cook From Frozen Solid To Golden Brown In Minutes!
Instant-On Technology!
No more waiting to defrost or preheat – you get 248° of penetrating heat the moment you turn it on!
No-Fuss Cleanup!
The AeroFryer is dishwasher-safe and includes a convenient Self-Cleaning Function. Just add soap & water!
Better For You!
Excess fat drips right into the pan, so food never soaks in oil or grease – that means less calories & unhealthy saturated fat!*

See The Difference Air Frying Makes!
Eating Healthier Has Never Been This Fast, Easy, or Delicious!
Try The Amazing New Cooklite™ Aero Fryer For a full 30 Days!
Just pay AU$ 14.95 P&H